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Description for office design

Upgrading from traditional workspace to a personalised area for better performance

SOMPO International is a well-known international leading insurance company which providing comprehensive insurance service from individuals to commercial since 1887. With the rapid growth of the company, we empowered by SOMPO to create an innovative and more efficient workplace among employee from a traditional working environment.

From conventional to unconventional
A traditional office design with old-fashioned individuals’ working desk and dividers that brings feeling of isolation and depression between employee which would slow down the working efficiency. Therefore, our mission is to craft a brand new immersive open-plan workspace to target a home-like atmosphere for high performance.

Our team had combining multiple elements of natural and the use of warm-coloured lighting and furnitures that creating a comfort working environment. 

Build for space resiliency 
Our designers worked with the SOMPO teams to develop a design of room ratios and facilities relative to headcount forecasting and desired working methods. These spaces has considered for all different needs with different sizes of meeting areas. Individual work booth and small meeting rooms enable team productivity and collaborations among teams. 

This built design fulfils the goals of fostering interaction between teams and elevating the employee wellbeing through new transformative workspaces.

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