MARZ Environmental Policy Statement

Global warming is getting serious nowadays , human need to protect the environment .As a responsible citizen and company, MARZ interior design limited promised to improve environmental performance, and brings the company to become an environmental protection enterprise,also pay close attention and participate environmental protection actions.
We believed adapting the environmental policy below,will be able to make some contribution to the world.
We promised we will:
Establish a task force which formed by different colleagues in different departments. Their tasks will be setting up the environmental policies, goals, promote and implementing timely environmental strategies so as to be responsible to the society, also let colleagues note the latest corporate environmental measures.
Try our best to follow the applicable local and international laws and regulations related to the environment.
Give full consideration to environmental related issues when making decisions.
Improve environmental performance, and try to reduce the impact of our business on the environment, business partners, suppliers, subcontractors.
Let our business partners,suppliers, subcontractors and clients noted our environmental goals.
Educate and encourage our colleagues and family and friends to be environmental friendly, and make environmental actions be a daily work.


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